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            發布時間:2024-02-27 文章來源:Harsco Rail Global Website 翻譯:Skye Dou

            Breaking Boundaries: Harsco Rail's Journey into Automation


            At Harsco Rail, we're thrilled to share the latest breakthroughs in our commitment to innovation, and it's all about automation! Our patented real-time IRIS (Intelligent Railway Infrastructure Solutions) Machine Learning AI system continues to revolutionize the rail industry by pushing past old boundaries.

            在哈斯科鐵路公司(Harsco Rail),我們很高興與大家分享我們在創新方面取得的最新突破,而這一切都與自動化有關!我們獲得專利的實時 IRIS(智能鐵路基礎設施解決方案)機器學習人工智能系統將繼續突破舊有界限,為鐵路行業帶來變革。

            At Railway Interchange in Indianapolis, we showcased IRIS and received tremendous interest and feedback. We appreciate everyone who visited our display and engaged in enlightening discussions.

            在印第安納波利斯舉行的鐵路交流會(Railway Interchange)上,我們展示了 IRIS,并獲得了極大的興趣和反饋。我們感謝每一位參觀我們展臺并參與討論的觀眾。

            Today, we're excited to provide an update on our progress. We're nearing completion of the installation of our Automated Guided Workhead feature on a non-Harsco dual-rail Spike Puller. This innovative feature is a game-changer for track maintenance equipment, enhancing quality, safety, and production while reducing reliance on highly skilled labor.


            How does it work? IRIS tracks the position of the workhead and the specific work area, automatically guiding the workhead to the precise position and initiating the work cycle in real time. It even validates that the required work has been successfully completed. The on-track performance is nothing short of impressive.

            它是如何工作的?IRIS 跟蹤工作頭的位置和特定的工作區域,自動將工作頭引導到精確位置,并實時啟動工作循環。它甚至還能驗證所需工作是否已成功完成。其跟蹤性能令人印象深刻。

            But that's not all! In the next few months, we'll be rolling out additional features, including Collision Avoidance, Obstacle Detection, Track Feature Identification, and Tie Targeting. These enhancements build upon the proven success of IRIS, providing a comprehensive solution for the evolving needs of the rail industry.

            但這還不是全部! 在接下來的幾個月里,我們將推出更多的功能,包括防碰撞、障礙物檢測、軌跡特征識別和軌枕定位。這些改進建立在IRIS的成功基礎上,為鐵路行業不斷變化的需求提供了一個全面的解決方案。

            We invite you to stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks as we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in rail automation. Harsco Rail is committed to shaping the future of railway infrastructure, and we're excited to have you on this journey with us.